Friday, May 31, 2013


"SEA HORSES" 40X60 oil painting on panel
The process:
On a mdf wood panel that is primed with several coats of white gesso paint I started the painting by drawing the horses with a thin wash of blue. I knew that I wanted the horses running in the surf along the top and that I was going to add driftwood and seashells at the bottom.

 I then photographed the horses and printed them on paper so that I could try different variations of  the driftwood log. I also drew the horses reflection in the water. This was the design I liked and I drew it onto the panel.

Referring to some photos of sea shells I then drew in the shells.
I began painting over the thin wash with opaque color starting with the sand and water. I was also deciding on the pattern of the waves behind the horses.
 Next I painted in the horses and then seashells with opaque paint. The shells took some time!
There are two sea horses among the shells.

 The final step was painting in the driftwood log.
A limited edition giclee print on canvas is planned for this painting.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Click on image to view larger. 6"x6"x1" oil painting on hardboard panel. This little girl was at the Old Spanish Days Festival. The sides are painted to match the front and can be displayed as is. This painting is SOLD   © Steve Farrow Artworks

Monday, May 27, 2013


Click on image to view larger. This painting is of a cute little girl I saw at the Spanish Festival . It is a small  size 6"x6"x1" oil painting on hardboard panel. This painting has painted 1" sides to match the front. This  painting is SOLD. I plan on painting a larger version of it .
 © Steve Farrow/ Copyrighted and all Rights Reserved.